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Welcome to the Pour Some More website. We are a group of friends who have set out to have some fun trying new drinks and associated products. Along the way we have been producing independent reviews of anything drinkable. Our reviews are posted on TwitterFacebookInstagram and on our YouTube Channel PourSomeMore and we will endeavour to keep you updated with what we are up to. We hope you enjoy our videos, posts, articles and features.

It would be great if could follow us via our social media channels. We regularly post videos and other content throughout the week.

Hey, what you up to PourSomeMore?

Like everyone else we are still practicing our social distancing, but continue to expand our content and challenge our taste buds. We featured a home brew review recently and if you missed the first video then here is the link Home Brew Review. If you would like use to review your home brewing talents then we would love to hear from you: info@poursomemore.com

We tasted the world’s strongest beer, 67.5%, the 0.5% made all the difference!! That was one strong beer, but luckily the team survived to tell the tale. Aptly named Snake Venom.

We have been rubbing shoulders with celebrities to too. Well, in the virtual sense. Iwan Thomas MBE joined us for the review of several beverages checkout one of them here.

A big shout out to Stonehenge Ales who have adapted to the current social distancing disruption and have a delivery

One of our lockdown reviews

A big shoutout to Stonehenge Ales for introducing a new delivery and takeaway service, a great lockdown initiative. See full details here.

And one last plea before we sign off, please continue to support your local businesses in and way you can, some of our finest brewery’s and producers may not make it through these difficult times without our support.

There are some great in initiatives out there and we will try do our best to highlight and promote new initiatives, so if you do see any innovation at work then please do let us know info@poursomemore.com

Finally, from all of us at PourSomeMore, stay safe and look after your families and loved one’s as best you can. May the force be with you!

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