What’s occurring?

This page is dedicated to what we have been up to, what’s to look forward to and any events that we think you might be interested in.

We hope you are all keeping well in #lockdown2. The team have been on this rollercoaster with you all the way, adapting to Zoom calls and keeping our distance. We tried our hand at some reviews via zoom with varying degrees of success, but we managed to keep the PourSomeMore momentum going. We had a great zoom review with our friend Iwan Thomas MBE (Athletics legend and TV presenter). We forced him to sample some Steam Town Brewco – West Coast IPA with us – thank you for your time Iwan!

There are a couple of other videos starring Iwan, so head on over to our YouTube channel if you missed them. While you are there please subscribe to our channel – thank you!

Another lockdown highlight is our first video with Chinese subtles, now thats a boast not many people can make! Beer Review #32 – Lancaster Brewery – Red (Chinese Subtitles)

And more recently (but not filmed during lockdown), if you like doughnuts (who doesn’t?) then check out BEER REVIEW #72. Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. – Pump Up The Jam v Turn It Up To 11 – Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy

We continue to pump out the content across of social media channels and if you can’t find what interests you on YouTube then check out Facebook, Instgram or Twitter (and may be Tik Tok)


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