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We hope you are all keeping well and are looking forward to a wee dram as we start to emerge from #lockdown3. If you haven’t had the chance yet, head on over to our YouTube channel and checkout Nathan’s Wim Hof style reviews. These reviews are filmed on location from the River Avon in Wiltshire. As well as sharing his Wim Hof health benefits Nathan has been reviewing some interesting beers.

Lost River’s Headhunter Beer Review

In the interests of safety, Neil the camera man, is a qualified life guard and drinking beer in a cold river is not recommended. Nathan is still recovering from the sight of Neil filming in his Speedos!

There are a hundreds of videos in our ‘anything’ drinkable collections, so head on over to our YouTube channel and explore our content. While you are there please subscribe to our channel – thank you!

Check out our podcast episodes, Neil and Jared have been very busy producing a really interesting series of podcast chats. It’s a global affair with guests from Andover, Crete, Lyme Bay and even Stonehenge!! The clue is in the title ‘Pour Some More – The Journey’ where the guest share their journey that generally revolves around beer and wine (two of our favourite subjects!!). Podcasts are available on Spotify and iTunes just search for Pour Some More. Happy listening.

You won’t be disappointed, they are very entertaining and easy listening

We continue to pump out the content across of social media channels and if you can’t find what interests you on YouTube then check out Facebook, Instgram or Twitter (and may be Tik Tok).


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