About Us

We just do this for fun!

We are often asked what’s in it for us, and the answer is, having fun along the way through meeting some great people and reviewing some fabulous drinks. We have enjoyed the challenge of building a social media following and we are all of that generation where we still find it an alien concept. So the challenge has always been to learn new tricks and embrace the constant change of evolution and how we live our lives.

We remain independent and impartial in our reviews. We are sometimes surrounded by negativity in our daily lives so if we genuinely review something that we just don’t like then we won’t publish it. What’s the point when we just want to highlight what’s good to buy and try.

We have had various companies send us their wears to review and we thank you for the opportunity to review some quality produce. Much of our work is self funded and this continues to gives us the flexility to try new things. 

Like all individual tastes our opinion is very subjective, but to date we are please to say that all we have tried so far has been good enough to make the cutting room floor.

We love what we do and hope you have time to view our content and reviews across all of our channels TwitterFacebookInstagram and on our YouTube Channel Pour TV channel.  If you would like to make a recommendation for a review then please get in-touch as we are always looking at ways of keeping our content fresh  and interesting. 

Stay happy, Pour Some More and may the force be with you!

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