Part 2 – City Break to Prague

Day 2; Special report continued……………we were up early ‘ish’, as early ‘ish’ as can be expected after an exciting night of bars and a great restaurant experience. A comfortable night at Hotel Angelis, but a slightly noisy awakening on what was after all a working day for most. A mini construction site next to the hotel had popped up, probably just as we arrived! Anyway, you can’t have it all and on the whole I would recommend the hotel as it was 20 metres away from the Staropromen brewery tour entrance, boom! The rooms were spacious, comfortable bed, ok wifi (not to my sons standards) and the breakfast simple yet filling. To be honest we only slept in the hotel and it was perfect for what we wanted. It was a 20 min walk away from the edge of the city centre, but we mainly opted for the tram.

On that note…………in full blown tourist mode we headed for the nearest tram stop, turn left out of the hotel and a 2 minute walk. The trams are by far the easiest way to get around with a 24 hour ticket costing less than £4. With the aid of the Movit App we navigated the city with ease. Our first beverage stop was the Grand Cafe Orient and it lived up to its name of being Grand. You could imagine that in its heyday it was a bustling mecca for the well to do. Probably not that Grand by todays standards but it did feel like stepping back in time to the art deco era. The coffee and cake was just what we needed to give us the energy boost for the next tourist leg.

We did a bit of sightseeing, in the rain, starting with the main square and then taking shelter in the Museum of Illusions as the heavens began to do their thing. Well worth a visit on a rainy day or even a sunny one for that matter, a good hour to an hour and half entertainment. Top tip; it has a great view of the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and we managed to time it right for the midday clock menagerie.

After much fun and laughter in the museum we headed off for a spot of lunch Czech style. We headed over the famous Charles bridge and found a great hotel restaurant call Lokal and we had a lovely lunch of pork schnitzel and potatoes washed down with a really nice stout. With a wee warmer in the bank we headed off in search of another watering hole, in fact we did have to have a bit of a search as our pre-arranged wine stop was tucked away in a small precinct. But we sniffed it out and once again we were greeted with a smile and several wine choices at Vinoteka dlouha, one of their three wine bars in Prague. As you can see from the photo, things did become a bit blurry after awhile!

After a couple of hours, quite wisely, we decided that we should probably stretch our legs and get some fresh air. On a recommendation, we headed for the Gulden Draak, that reportedly stocked over 150 Belgium beers. When in Prague do as the Belgians do! Sure enough the directions didn’t turn out to be a ploy by the last place to get rid of us and before we knew it we were supping strong Belgian beer chatting to the local Belgian guy at the bar. Even one of the Mrs PourSomeMore’s found a beer she liked! From here on in there seems to be a bit of a void as to what we did next, but I seem to remember pizza and an early night!

Our story doesn’t stop here so please continue to watch this space for Part 3 of our special report from Prague. Na zdravi! …….nalít trochu nalít.

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