Part 1 – City Break to Prague (Before COVID-19!)

Our foreign correspondents recently set off on a 5 day excursion to Prague. The mission; immerse themselves in the local culture and sample a few beverages along the way. On their return they produced a comprehensive report. So comprehensive it’s a 4 parter.

Part 1 of their report……………………………………..

We flew in on Sunday; lesson one, book dinner in advance. We did stumble across a great bar and restaurant without much effort . We sampled some really nice Black Dog beers accompanied by several bowls of nachos.  There was a great atmosphere and it was that good we ended up back at the Black Dog for our last night in Prague. The bar restaurant is centrally located and offers a great selection of burger, steaks, tex-mex, tapas and latin American cuisines. The Pilsner Urquell 120 is second to none, oh my, I could do with a cold pint of that right now!

Amongst various Cocktails (we didn’t try them) they had a nice list of wines from Czech, South America and Spain which were mostly from small family wineries. The ladies got tucked into the wine, but the beer was calling as the bar has an ever-changing selection of beers on tap. Our particular favourite was the Volba Sladku, a lovely amber beer with a depth of favour and particularly refreshing taste. Just what we needed after an exhausting 10 minute tram ride to get to the bar!

After our Black Dog beers we wondered back towards our hotel, Hotel Angelis, more about the hotel later.

Through the nearly round window

We found a lovely restaurant on the way back, don’t be put off by the graffitied exterior, I think it’s a Czech past time. Restaurant Lavande was light and spacious with a fantastic menu. We received a very warm welcome which was a great start to our first proper meal out in Prague. We loved the Green Topf Gruner Veltliner so much we polished off 3 bottles! That was between 4 of us!

Special thanks to Samantha who looked after us and laughed with us throughout the night. Excellent customer experience and service.  We had so much fun, thank you!

Our story doesn’t stop here so please continue to watch this space for Part 2 of our special report from Prague. Na zdravi! …….nalít trochu nalít.

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