Calling all wine lovers

6b136d96-7b7e-426f-9863-f97ee46b420dIf you haven’t already guessed this blog is dedicated to our love of wine. All different shades of wine have been drunk in the name of research. I am the first to admit that I am no expert when it comes to choosing or tasting wine, but I know what I like and if I like a wine it’s worth a mention.

It’s funny how my tastes have changed over the years. I used to love Australian and South African wines and while I don’t dislike them I much prefer a French or Spanish wine. However, during the course of my extensive research no wines have been ruled out until I’ve done the arduous chore of conducting a taste test.

I am more of a red wine person but I have had some great encounters with some white wines this year. Alma de Blanco Godello, Pazo das Tapias tasted really nice after a cultural tour of Barcelona. Dilemma; I do need to consider along the way, is it the wine that tastes great, or is it the location, the atmosphere or the great company that is making the wine taste so good?Alma White Wine

The Alma de Blanco is a bit like an Albariño, it is crisp, fruity and for under £10 it is great value for money. I’m sure there are many other retailers selling this wine but the first one I stumbled across is Oddbins. Pour Some More……………………..

Another white wine drunk quite a bit in 2019 has been the El Coto Blanco first sampled in Gordon’s Wine Bar, the oldest wine bar in London. Again I’m not sure if it was the atmosphere and the company of great friends that made the wine taste so good or whether it really is good?

El Coto Blanco 2017

Anyway the only way to find out was to order a box from Vinissimus online wine merchants. Having sampled a box of 12 bottles I can honesty say it is defiantly worth a mention on my favourites list. The more you order the cheaper it is, I ordered 12 bottles that worked out at just over £7 a bottle. This Rioja has a good acidity and great freshness with a pleasant crisp citrus character. A young white wine  12.5% volume with a pale bright colour. Warning: It MUST be drunk very cold to fully appreciate its quality! Pour Some More…………………………..

I off on holiday to France soon staying in a remote farm house near Aubeterre in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south-western France. When in France it is the rule to drink red wine and eat cheese. Well, that’s what they taught me at school! More to follow……………………………



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