Birchall Virunga Earl Grey Tea

IMG_3171This week I have mostly been drinking Birchall Virunga Earl Gray anytime loose leaf tea. I’ve been trying to get the balance of quantities right as the tea has a distinct strong flavour and I over cooked it on my first pot as it was just too strong for my liking. After a bit of experimentation I have settled for one heaped tea spoon for two mugs of tea.

Now I have the balance right I can confirm it makes a great cuppa. The box is very elegant and the tea looks and smells wonderful. The brew can be taken with or without milk. Personally I prefer my Earl Grey with a splash of milk.

The tea is sourced from the finest tea gardens in Rwanda and the tea is individually picked and hand plucked. It is grown in lush volcanic soil and in perfect climatic conditions. The tea is blended with the Bergamont oil that gives a distinctive flavour of citrus and spicy floral notes.

I would recommend the use of  a tea caddy for storage as I had to fight my way into the sealed bag and made a bit of a hash and there is no resealable option. The tea retails at £7.50 for 250g of loose leaf. There are other options such as tea bags and prism bags. Visit the Birchall website for more details

Overall, a great brew and the sophistication of the loose leaf tea makes a really nice change. Due to the strength of the loose leaf tea I think I will be drink out of the same box for a long time to come. Thank you Birchall!

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