School Night


I find myself in Stratford on a school night on a short work excursion. There’s only one thing for it, pizza and beer.

After perusing the menu of two beers I settle for the no logo pale ale. A novel label which should keep the production overheads to a minimum.


I’m drinking from the bottle but if I am to do this beer any justice I suppose I should at least pour some more into a glass. Best neck the Peckham spring water to make way for some of the olde amber nectar. A simple no frills beer with a good colour with a slightly lively hoppy taste. I’m no expert by the way, but it sounds pretty good.

The beer is a craft pale ale 4% and is a Shepherd Neame beer from Kent. Not quite the Italian origins I had expected but it tastes bloody good with pizza!

188AB46E-4277-4A25-AFC4-30ADCE0888BDBrewer’s facts:

Best known for their Kentish beers such as Spitfire produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Another of its famous ales, Bishop’s Finger, was named according to folklore after a signpost that pointed the way to Thomas Becket’s tomb.

The Brewer produces in excess of 60 million pints annually, and exporting to more than 35 countries.

Shepherd Neame is Britain’s oldest Brewer. Located in Faversham Kent it has been brewing since 1698.

Pour Some More…

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